“I am the perfect version of me.” ― Besa Kosova


IMG_9771Welcome to my blog. As I’m sure you have already gathered my name is Hannah Stevens-Honeyman, and from here I would like to introduce you to my background, previewing my purpose for this blog, as well as my expertise in various areas.

This blog is primarily for a look into my life as a graduate student at North Dakota State University. At NDSU I am a teaching assistant for the English department instructing two sections of College Composition each semester. Through teaching I have learned more about myself than any other undertaking in my life.

Overall, I am more of a consumer of all things media than a writer, as academic writing is more my specialty. I am an avid sharer, retweeter, and reposter as I love reading and allowing others to consume brilliance that others have written, and that will show throughout my blog. With that being said, my goal for this blog is to become a better creator and allow my own brilliance to show through social media whenever possible. Follow me on my journey and together we can learn from each other!

I hope you enjoy my blog!

“…From day to day to the last syllable of recorded time” -William Shakespeare



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