The Greatest Adventure of all…

I haven’t blogged in so long this seems very foreign to me– but I am hoping it will be like riding a bike and I’ll pick up right where I left off.

Right– so, a lot has changed with me. The biggest change by far is my decision to go to Graduate school, and luckily I made the cut! So I am on my way to pursing my dream of teaching literature.

The decision to go to graduate school came with another big decision which was becoming a teaching assistant (TA) which I did, and it was the most frustrating and rewarding decision of my life. Teaching incoming college students comes with it’s own territory, of seeing the brightest students come through my class and being faced with some of the most stubborn people I have ever met. Both spectrums of students have changed me both as an educator and as a person. But that isn’t the point of this post, or the rest of this blog as I hope it will transform.

The point

I found that the plethora of resources for secondary or elementary teaching to be amazing. They have everything out there from organization tips to printable worksheets, to everyday lesson planning. I wish I would have found all of these resources when I was still pursing a degree in secondary education.

BUT the lack of resources for instructors in a college classroom is frightening, and had I not had an education background or some guidance I’m not sure my first semester teaching would have worked out quite as well as it did. Now, I’m not saying instructors need to be walked through every day teaching and you definitely cannot be taught skills through a blog, but a little advice would be nice. Admit it, we’ve all Googled something when we’ve been hit a road bump or two.

With that being said, I plan to turn this blog into a resource for any instructor in post-secondary education, but mostly for teaching assistants who teach their own classes, like I do as well as graduate students. Together we can accomplish great things, and hopefully we can keep each other going. I hope this proves to be valuable to anyone interested, and I think it will help to keep me organized and sane in my free time, blogging about my adventures. Maybe I can follow some of my own advice as well.


Follow me on my journey! May we all survive together. 


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