“Look around you. Everything changes. Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing…changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.”-Steve Maraboli

If you have kept up with my blogs then you know that I have mentioned the activism project that I am apart of quite often. One of the articles we wrote for our school newspaper was entitled “Look Around You” and it mostly revolved around intersectionality. I feel like I define things often but…

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.56.08 AM

Basically, feminism reaches for equality of everyone regardless of race, class, and gender (and many other things, but those are the main ones talked about). Now I don’t want to make this blog a feminist preach fest, but I think the title of our article rings true for everyday life. It is so important to look around you at what is going on, and that goes further than keeping your heads up when you walk and making eye contact with people. Although technology and social media keep us together I think there is still so much that gets lost, or missed. There are so many things that happen that people don’t know about, especially in terms of things that are uncomfortable for people or different than what is considered normal.

As an English major I like to see things from both sides, even if I disagree because it is important to stay connected and look at every side of an argument. For this blog I wanted to preview some goals for myself, and a call to action to my readers to look around you. Take in as much news and learn new things. I am guilty of ignoring things around me and focusing on what I want to, but I need to stop and focus on other things, especially things that may seem uncomfortable.

A huge thing that I have always ignored is politics, and anything political, which is not a good thing to admit to, but I have always disliked the idea of politics. A huge goal for me is going to be educating myself on issues that are political, or things that directly have to do with politics, as a lot of issues I am familiar with just maybe not every aspect as far as political ideology goes. Part of my online avatar is a researcher and I try to take in as much content as I possibly can, I am trying to look around at what is happening, but I realize I need to work on some aspects.

I knew little about feminism a year ago, and taking some Women and Gender Studies classes, and doing some feminist reading, I thought I would be thrust into a very uncomfortable world, but honestly, I remember agreeing with everything I read, and finding comfort in the things that were agreed upon. Perhaps my new goal will turn out similarly. I think if people stopped and looked around at different things and branched out into something that might be uncomfortable they might find right at home in what they originally saw as foreign. What they might have originally disagreed with.

So look around you and you might be surprised at what you find.


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