“…that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp.” -Anne Lamott

(To my friend)

Hey there,

Recently, I was trying to think of our last memory. Our last chat. And I also realized that while freeing up memory on my phone I deleted our Facebook chat, which in all honesty was probably just movie quotes relayed back and forth, but still it would have been amazing to read. I don’t quite remember what we last talked about, maybe it was school, or maybe it was Jordan and the wedding, or work. I don’t quite remember. But I bet we were both really happy. Caught up in the company of good friends and good conversations. I hope that’s what you remember too.

I wanted to send you a message the other night, to see if our whole conversation would resurface. But I wasn’t sure what to say. And all I could imagine was how funny you thought that was. Imagine, me, not knowing what to say to you. I imagine you nudging Mike, and laughing both of you knowing I probably never stop talking. And I think all of the uncertainty and sadness would’ve made you want to make us laugh. You would have walked up and probably would’ve said something horrible like “Who died?” And we wouldn’t have been able to not laugh.

I think it is so cliche to say how amazing a person was after they are gone. But I think everyone would agree that with you, it was so true. You lit up the room when you walked in throwing out some hilarious joke, or movie line that would crack everyone up. Even sitting around the fire, everyone else animated and laughing around you, you would sometimes just take it all in, listening to the family around you. Those moments where my favorite, looking at you across the fire, your face lit by the flames, a huge smile on your face. These are the memories I will remember always, and you better believe I’ll leave the chair open across the fire from me.

Rest easy Soul Man. We’ll see you later alligator.




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