“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


On this very important day, I am so grateful for every single woman who has sacrificed for me to be where I am today. Not only does International Women’s Day affect my mindset and my heart, but being prompted by WordPress’ Discover Challenge–Blogging the Senses, this particular day affects my senses as well.

As I am feeling myself type this blog, on the amazing college campus, that I call home, I am thankful for the women who worked so hard to allow my presence among my fellow students. I feel every clack of the keyboard as I type, grateful for the ability to not only blog about International Women’s Day, but to produce work for my college newspaper with my Feminist activism group and feel proud that it gets published. Write every single paper for English class and feel accomplished. Feel proud about every successful piece I have click-clacked on this keyboard, because despite it seeming small today, someday, every piece of my writing could potentially change the world, as all the wonderful women that we celebrate on this day have done.

I hear voices of both men and women communicating loudly around me about any and all topics from “Did you know that Where’s Waldo, was originally Where’s Wally?” to “Did anyone watch the debates recently”. These voices remind me how amazing it is to be fortunate enough to go to school with intelligent and creative men and women who excel at anything they put their minds too. How fortunate I am to not be stuck at home with the metaphorical ‘kids’, cooking and cleaning, but rather earning a degree and learning so much along the way. And not only that, but I was given the choice. I hear talk about going to work after class and remember how thankful I am to be employed with a wonderful company that offers so many opportunities to not only men, but women. Strong women who are empowered to own their own businesses.

I smell perfume and cologne from my classmates and think about how wonderful it is to live in a day where I have the choice to not wear perfume, or to wear it and I hope that other’s feel the same. I think about body image and how women were ‘supposed’ to look, dress, act, think, way before my time and I am thankful that though the stereotypes may still be there, I find myself free to dress, think, act, the way that I please, as I am blessed to be surrounded by people who more or less do not care.

International Women’s Day is about celebration and today I am choosing to celebrate by writing this blog about how a few of my senses interpreted the day as it went on. I am celebrating my ability as a woman to make this choice, and your ability to make your own choice. I am celebrating strong women everywhere, women who have and do fight every single day in order to make choices for themselves. I am celebrating that I am a woman. And I am celebrating that I am so proud of that.




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