“Instead of the word ‘love’ there was an enormous heart, a symbol sometimes used by people who have trouble figuring out the difference between words and shapes.” -Lemony Snicket

For my blog post today I did a vlog or a video blog surrounding the ‘issue’ of Giving Hearts Day and Advertising on social media, specifically still vs. video imagery. I think the idea of imagery is huge and the ability to capture an audiences’ attention with just an image vs an entire video, and I talk about that more indepth in this vlog.

*I apologize for telling you guys the image will be backwards and then it isn’t it was definitely backwards while I was recording. (video novice over here)

**I again also want to state that I think GHD is incredible and so many organizations raise money that goes to benefit the FM area. I don’t want my criticism of still images to be taken as criticism for GHD or the organizations involved.




Luna also graced us with her presence shortly after the video was over!




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