“Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

When I think of my personality (specifically online personality) I often think of the opinions I have and as F. Scott Fitzgerald said, the gestures I commit to, whether successful or not. My online avatar is my perfect personification–I don’t hold  back much online, whether it be my political opinion, or rambling on and on about Shakespeare, my personality is evident. With that being said, I tend to talk less in my own voice with my own words, but instead use others’ quotes/pictures/tweets/etc. to make my point. (check out my Pinterest for proof) I am, in my most humble opinion, unsure of the effects of this route on specifically the first impression I am leaving with my online footprint.

More often than not we are being told to be careful with what we post online, as everyone can see  it. This has never been a threat to me, as why hide behind my social media sites, when the personalities, both internal and online, tend to be the same. I am just as loud online, as I am in person, and just as opinionated online, as in person. Even though we don’t find our avatars, they find us, I pose the question: is it really an avatar when you are already reflected within social media? More of what I mean here, is when most people use social media as a mask, I choose to not, so where does that leave me?

My social media habits show everything that anyone who knows me would be able to identify. I am a feminist, a literature buff, a nerd, an adventurer, an academic, a partier, and so many other things.

It is arguable that my online avatar is a follower, or a consumer rather as I referenced in my about section. I’m not entirely sure what else my avatar could be, as I wear my social media on my sleeve so to speak. I imagine I will have to explore further from here, but I’ll probably just let Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and any other site do the talking. And I can only hope that I am represented accurately.






  1. Damn girl! I wish I could be ballsy and post whateva I was feelin’. Super cool that you keep it real online and off. I like that you want to be represented accurately, even online, which is really refreshing when the tendency is for people to hold back or censor themselves for the sake of their friends-list. Woo!

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